My Story

Let’s be honest, once you’re an athlete, you’re always an athlete at heart.  You may not be saving a PK, crossing the finish line first, or knocking one out of the park anymore, but you do still have a competitive drive.  You still love the feeling of an intense workout.  You like pushing your body to see what it can do.

But you also live in the REAL WORLD now – with real responsibilities, demands on your time and STRESS that didn’t exist in college.

Enter this blog of mine – my home in the digital universe – and the closest thing I have to a child.  [Well, besides my cat; she's a sweetie but kinda needy for a cat.]  Here I’ll share my stories, tips & tricks, and pretty much everything I’ve re-learned about health and fitness since my career as a D1 athlete ended.

So who am I?

My name is LAUREN HIGHT and I am my BIGGEST fan.  No really,  I am.  I made t-shirts and mugs and buttons with my face all over them!  Well, that’s not entirely true… Ok, that’s not true at all….  But I am my biggest fan.  If I don’t believe in me, then why on earth would anyone else?



I played soccer for a D1 university.

I have battled knee pain for as long as I can remember, and I have had 4, yes FOUR, knee surgeries.  My doc said they’re basically the knees of an 80 year old.  That means that they’re swollen after a night of dancing (oh who am I kidding, they’re swelling up after an hour on the dance floor) or after a day at the office in heels.

It also means I don’t run anymore or do any kind of high impact exercise/workouts.  Hell, I barely survived a season of kickball in grad school!  Ha!

Oo here’s one – I am a nerd.    Now, don’t confuse that with being a dork.  Dorks and nerds are different people (no offense to the dorks out there – y’all have your thing and we nerds have our thing) so keep us separate please.  Thanks.

I’m blind as a bat without glasses or contacts – ridiculously nearsighted.  8-)  My glasses are not currently taped together but they may have been in elementary school [In my defense, I was playing basketball at recess, they fell off my face as I was running and this kid named Jeremy stepped on them.]

My glasses fell off my face at recess because back then and still today, I pour sweat at the drop of a hat.  No “glistening” happening here.  I’ve come to highly value the moisture-wicking abilities of various brand name athletic apparel over the years.

I studied chemistry in college and went on to get my PhD in chemistry.  (see I told you!  NERD!)  Now, I work for a chemical company.

I love cooking and drinking wine.  They can be done alone but they’re always better with friends.  So is coffee.  I’m drinking a HUGE mug of it now…  Mmm…


Dark, yummy goodness

After finishing my senior year of college, I wanted NOTHING to do with soccer at all.  I was burnt out.  I was SICK of early morning strength and conditioning sessions.  SICK of spending 3-4 hours out of each evening getting ready for practice, attending practice then the stretching, icing and stemming that inevitably followed.  [OMG they hooked us up to the electrostem things ALL THE TIME! I swear it was the equivalent of how doctors prescribe antibiotics for everything... trainers prescribed "ice and stem" for everything.]

But yeah, I was sick of it.  I didn’t want to play, watch, or coach soccer.  And I’ll be damned if I was gonna go do any sort of intense workouts of my own volition. 

So I didn’t.  I could tell I was losing muscle and gaining a little fat, but I also knew I wasn’t working out 4 hours a day.  I expected small changes.

Then real life set in.

As I got further into grad school, my STRESS increased significantly, I started eating and drinking CRAP and still did nothing besides cardio.  This resulted in gaining a lot of fat.  And quickly too.  I decided that I needed to do something about this before it got out of hand.  So I begrudgingly started the process of “getting back into shape”.  Ugh.  I think most athletes have used that phrase at some point.

So what do we athletes do to get back in shape?  We train like crazy!  We do distance runs, sprints and weights.  And since our culture is inundated with the “eat less, exercise more” model of weight loss, I started restricting calories bigtime [Cause hey, I can't eat 4 bagels a day like I did while I was still playing. I'm not training THAT much anymore and my metabolism is no longer only 20 years old.]

While I initially lost weight, **I couldn’t sustain it**  It was too much stress and time at the gym, not enough sleep, and not enough food.  I gained back what I’d lost – plus 10 more pounds.  I was sooo frustrated.  I didn’t know what to do.

Then I found Metabolic Effect – a NEW APPROACH to fat loss that just made sense!  …and that appealed to my understanding of chemistry and the human body…  I implemented it and things began to happen.  Fat started coming off!  While I am not where I want to be yet, I’m a heck of a lot closer than I was.  Plus, I’m not going nuts from working out tons and being crazy hungry!  (read- I’m not acting like a psycho b*tch anymore!  yay!!)

Hear me please!  You don’t have to run 2-a-days to get back into shape now that your days as a college athlete are over.  You actually need to eat MORE of the RIGHT foods and exercise LESS.  With short, intense cardio/weight lifting workouts and fat loss friendly foods you begin to create a hormonal environment in your body that tells the body to shed fat and get ripped again.

Thanks for stopping by!  Now, how about we dive right in?

<3 Lauren

P.S. I promise to only talk about chemistry when it’s absolutely necessary! ;)

P.P.S.  If you like what you see, please share with someone that you think could benefit from the info too!  Thanks!