DIY Workout Program

The GET SMART DIY Workout Program

How much time do you spend working out each week?

4 hrs?  5 hrs?  6 or more??

Or maybe you’re avoiding the gym because you think the only way to get results is to be at the gym hours every week and you think, “Why even bother going?  I can’t keep up that kind of schedule.”

I firmly believe that the MAX amount of time you need to spend working out is 30 min per day – in total, no more than 3 hours a week at the absolute most!

The key to shorter workouts is that they have to be more efficient than long ones.

Why I created this program

There were several things I struggled with during my transition out of college sports and into the real world of jobs, family, and all kinds of other stressors.  One of the things that proved to be the most difficult was to find ways to satisfy my desire to train like I did in college (when I was a student athlete) WITHOUT devoting that much time to it.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t spend 2-3 hours a day working on my physical fitness like I could back then.  So I moved to what I thought was the next best thing – an hour a day of cardio at a steady pace.  But I quickly realized there were huge differences between that kind of cardio and the workouts we as a team.

How boring workouts made me feel

  • I didn’t feel like an athlete anymore
  • I wasn’t doing anything that required explosive movements or agility
  • I felt bored with my workouts
  • I was spending more and more time on my workouts as my body quickly adapted to steady state cardio
  • It was quickly getting to be too much time
  • I really wanted to find a way to shorten my workouts but still get results
  • My schedule was very unpredictable so I couldn’t always get to the gym
  • I needed workouts I could do anywhere with minimal equipment

Efficient workouts solve these problems, so I designed a 4 week workout program based on the idea that short, intense, athletic workouts can get my butt back in shape.

In the several years that followed my “retirement” from soccer, I steadily gained weight.  One of the reasons was because I wasn’t working out very much, and when I did workout, they were lazy boring cardio sessions.

As I got more out of shape, I felt less and less like an athlete.  But after some research (I’m a chemist so doing research is in my bones) and a lot of trial and error, I figured out that effective workouts were ones that were short, required explosive movements, and intense.  I started doing workouts like these more frequently and that’s when the pounds started to come off.

It was also important for my personal life that I didn’t need a gym in order to do my workout.  The workouts in this program essentially need no equipment – just your body and some room to move around.

Benefits of this program

    • Saves money on a gym membership since no equipment is required
    • Short workouts mean you’ll have more time for other things
    • The intensity will make you feel like an athlete again
    • You’ll have more flexibility in your day because you won’t be tied to a gym’s schedule
    • Workouts easily adapt to your current level of fitness
    • Can be done at home, on vacation or while on a business trip
    • New workouts halfway through the program keeps your training interesting
    • Efficiency of the training sessions maximizes the time you spend working out

    • Features of this program

      4 week training schedule that will get you hot and sweaty, get you breathing heavy, and make you feel like the athlete you are.  The best thing?  These workouts can be done practically anywhere!  None of them require equipment, well expect for a timer ($120 value)

      FAQ section:  Just because this is a DIY program doesn’t mean I left you high and dry if you have questions.  The FAQ section provides answers to common questions, suggests exercise modifications, and even offers ideas on what to do if you don’t have stairs or enough space to sprint.  It’s essentially like a 30 min consultation with me!  ($59 value)

      There’s an explanation of what efficient exercise is, why you want to engage in it, and why it just makes SENSE for your life and the results you want  and…..

      **BONUS** I’ll also be sending you my tips for reducing carbs in your diet.  Gone are our days of “carbing up” the night before a game; let’s be honest, our metabolism just isn’t quite what it used to be.  So it’s nice to have some options when your family is screaming for spaghetti and meatballs and your pants are begging you to lay off the pasta ;)

      The program and all is valued at $179…  But I’m offering it for only $17!

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