Say NO to the Chocolate Bunny

Today, chocolate bunnies across the world will be deeply discounted and will be looking at you with pleading, brown eyes saying “Take me home with you!”

This year, just say NO to the bunnies.

The bunnies promise so much but all they ever deliver are cravings later in the day, maybe a stomachache, and most definitely a sugar crash 30 minutes later.

Reeses-Eggs Some people have issues with bunnies – my weakness is a Reese’s Egg.
I was just telling people at Easter dinner yesterday how I open an 8 pack 
of these eggs and the eggs all magically disappear…into my belly…

I really hate sugar crashes.  Carb comas, too.  They’re SUPER annoying, and people deal with them all the time (think about the dreaded 3pm slump).

You don’t even have to eat candy like those dang chocolate bunnies to experience a sugar crash, either.  Any starchy carbs that are low in protein and fiber but high in sugar can lead to the same type of crash.

Some “experts” out there might tell you that in order to avoid a crash like this, you have to give up things like sweets and starchy carbs all together.  They’re forever removed from your list of “foods I’m allowed to eat.”

However, I think there’s another way around it.

You see, carbs in general have gotten a bad reputation in our culture.  Certain “diets” out there made carbs out to be villains, but more recently, we’re hearing about concepts like “everything in moderation.”   But then it makes me wonder – what the heck is moderation??  Is moderation for me the same thing as it is for someone else?

There are SO many conflicting ideas out there about carbs, so there’s no wonder that most women are entirely lost when it comes to carbs.

I completely get it and I spent many years in the “clueless about carbs” zone.  This is why I developed a program that’s designed to help you figure out the right amount and types of carbs that you should eat each day.

The process in my new program “Carb Therapy” is one that I’ve used on myself and with clients to figure out how to make carbs work for them.  It’s not about being super restrictive (I don’t do super restrictive very well at all and I don’t think other people do either), but instead it’s about systematic trial and error to figure out what carbs work for YOU.

I am super excited abut this program because I think so soooo many people are confused about carbs (I know I certainly was), and this program is all about eliminating confusion around carbohydrates.

If you’re interested in learning more about Carb Rehab, click here to get all the deets or click “Carb Rehab” in the menu bar above!

My relationship obsession with Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs is not a healthy one, and my Carb Rehab showed me it’s better to abstain from Reese’s Eggs all together instead of eating one and opening the floodgates for a whole bag of them.

So if you know how to play nice with the carbs in your life – and you know you can stick to one, and only one, bunny – then have at it and enjoy!  (and maybe have some protein and green veggies at the same time to limit your sugar crash :) )

<3 Lauren