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The Best Headband Ever

Q:  What is the most annoying thing that happens to Lauren almost every time she works out?

A:  Her headband doesn’t stay in place and snaps off the back of her head.

Ugh.  So frustrating!!  Have you ever had this happen to you??  If you have, you know how it goes…

The Headband Problem

You’re in the middle of burpees and notice fly-aways that you earlier tamed with a headband are now sticking to your face, getting in your eyes, and annoying the hell out of you!  So you stop and reach back to re-position the band only to find that it’s barely hanging on to your ponytail.

This same cycle happens multiple times over the course of a workout – position band, move for a few minutes, notice band is out of place, stop workout, reposition headband.

Unfortunately this is not a new problem.  I’ve never been able to get headbands to stay in place, and while I know my big head is largely to blame, it’s hard to believe there’s not a headband out there that can outlast my short 20 minute workouts.

The Under Armour Solution

Enter Birchbox and Under Armour.

As chance would have it, this month in my Birchbox I got a “Lifestyle Extra” which just happened to be an Under Armour headband.  I was pretty pumped to try a new brand’s band but was secretly dreading the moment it would pop off my head mid-workout like every other headband in the universe.

Excitement and skepticism filled me when I opened up my
January Birchbox and found an Under Armour headband inside.

It was tempting to just toss it out with the empty box, but figured I could at least test it in one workout.

Well, I am ecstatic to report that this puppy is the BEST headband I’ve ever used!  And I’ve tried some quality headbands over the past few years!

While it initially felt a tad too snug, I quickly realized that this is one of two primary reasons the headband stays in place.

photo-26 Seriously, this headband did not move from this
spot for the entire workout!  And I thought you might
want a special photo of my ear…

Why the Braids Work

The single headband is made of 3 separate bands woven together.  These braided bands make for a tight fit without any discomfort.

photo-24 Three of their “mini” bands are woven together to create one thicker band.

The second reason the band stays in place is that each band is rubberized on one side.  These two elements, separately, have failed miserably in other brands’ bands that I’ve tried.  However, Under Armour’s combination is spot on!  You gotta give these a try!

photo-25 The flip side is rubberized and what keeps it in place.  Hallelujah!!

If you were one of the players that had pre-wrap popping off her head every practice OR who these days is always losing her headband at the gym, then give these Under Armour headbands a go.  They’re not cheap but they’re absolutely worth it!

Like I said, I know I’m not the only one out there with headband problems.  Leave a Y for “yup that’s me!” in the comments if you’ve ever experienced headband woes.  :)

<3 Lauren