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The Stupidest Trend in a LONG Time

Alright all, I know that I promised you a blog this week on reducing the amount of time you workout.

You WILL get that post on our regularly scheduled post day – Tuesday.  Tantalizing Tuesday.  Yep, I just renamed the 3rd day of the week cause that’s how I roll.

There is a good reason for this change, and I think it’s ok to change my mind every once in a while…

So I am. :D


I felt it necessary that we briefly discuss a hot topic, especially in light of last week’s post – Two Big Thighs and a Drunk that seemed to really hit home with a lot of you.

I want you to READ MY POST, then I’m gonna send you to another blog – the author is amazing!  I want you to READ HER POST on it because it’s she explains it really well.

Anyway, this hot topic is the THIGH GAP.

The thigh gap is the space between your legs/thighs when you’re standing with your feet together.  The look that some women are now aspiring to is completely empty space between your legs – from your ankles all the way up to your lady parts.

Um WHAT?!?!?

For athletes that have QUADS or CALVES, there’s a damn good chance that our legs will touch each other somewhere, so the thigh gap is unachievable for most athletes.

In fact, this is a ridiculous goal for most women!!

It requires a particular body structure to make it even somewhat feasible.  We’re not even talking about the amount of muscle/fat on a woman’s body either – just her bone/tendon structure!

So unless you can alter your genetic code and magically get your bone structure to change (which I would imagine is quite painful), you’re shit outta luck on this one.  Basically….


You can change your body composition, but you can’t change your body structure.

Getting in shape changes our body composition, but our body structure is what it is.  Just make sure that whatever sort of health/fitness goal you set for yourself makes sense or is actually possible.

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2.  Go to Jen Sinkler’s post about the thigh gap, read it, then send her your pic of #closethethighgap

Stupidest Trend Ever

<3 Lauren