The “Confetti” Effect – What It Is, Why You Should Care & What To Do About It

Ah confetti.  It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

It’s colorful, sparkly, and typically a lot of fun to launch up into the air.

Seriously – who doesn’t love those confetti poppers?!?

It’s especially fun as gravity overcomes the high-flying brillance and it starts to make its way back to the ground and every. other. flat. surface.

Once it’s hit the ground though I no longer consider it to be beautiful, fun or brilliant.  This is the moment that I wish some magic confetti clean-up fairy had flown through the air and collected it all before it landed.  Then I could avoid the clean-up stage because I despise cleaning.

Why am I talking about confetti?

What happens when confetti is launched then  falls to the floor is the same thing that happens when fat is released from storage by a workout but never used by the body.

  • The confetti popper is the workout.
  • The confetti is body fat.
  • The same way confetti floats through the air is similar to how fat floats through your bloodstream after a workout.
  • The magical confetti fairy that I wish existed?   It’s the missing piece of your workout – low intensity exercise that burns the fat.

See it’s not enough to only release fat from storage and into the bloodstream.  It’s an important step, but not the only part.

Once it’s in the bloodstream, the fat needs to be metabolized and used as energy.  Otherwise it will go back into storage in the fat cells... just like confetti falls back to the ground.  Hence, the confetti effect.


How can you avoid the confetti effect?

You gotta get yourself a magic confetti clean-up fairy.

What is a magic confetti clean-up fairy, you ask?  It’s any sort of very low intensity exercise that you do AFTER your 20 minutes of intense exercise.  Things like…

  • walking
  • housework
  • tai chi
  • restorative yoga
  • shopping
  • very slow biking/ellipticizing

This type of exercise for 30-60 minutes AFTER an intense, short workout will effectively burn that fat you just released from storage.

Aren’t you glad I’ve given you this analogy??  Now whenever you see confetti you’ll be like, “I know how to avoid the confetti effect!!  I’m super prepared for my New Year’s resolution of getting in better shape!  I know that if I  keep moving for 30-60 minutes after my workout, I’ll burn that fat I released during my workout instead of it going right back into storage.   I rock because of Lauren!”

Well, you may not think exactly that, but the analogy will linger…  :D

<3 Lauren